Thursday, November 10, 2011

6 Month Update

Well, that was quite the hiatus, huh? You may have thought we have abandon The Ohio but we have all been busy with our various projects and kids. We are sad that Kristen moved to Italy but that's what's great about A.I- It's about change, transitions, being interrupted, and creating one's own opportunity. So what is happening?

As a whole, many of us have been busy with individual projects, small collaborations, or just life in general. As a result, we decided to do just one big conference in Utah in the Springtime and a Fall 2012 Conference here in Ohio. The theme for our National A.I. Conference in Utah is the "ABC's"- 26 visual artists and 26 dancers will collaborate to make the month of March Spell binding. stay updated on our website for more information on the artist's bios and conference schedule.

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